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    Umah translates into HOME in the Balinese language. We believe every home needs a beautiful tray or two to display precious objects of desire. We have tried to meld the traditional with the modern and created what we believe people will love. Our trays are made by hand to a very high standard.
    We have recently added a line of cotton napkins to our homeware collection.

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    Check out our new collection of cotton table napkins

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    Shipping available to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore

  • Cotton Napkin Collection

    These beautiful elegant cotton napkins are made using the traditional Indonesian "batik" method of wax and dye. They have been designed to complement contemporary modern living and will fit in any home.


    Can be machine washed

    Made in Bali, Indonesia

    50 x 50 cm

    12 napkins per box (40 USD) or 6 napkins per box (25 USD)

    Over 50 seasonal colours

    Can ship to select destinations (Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia)

    For our full collection, please contact kwokcheryl8@gmail.com

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